Setting the c++ standard using cmake

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Setting the c++ standard using cmake

Note: I have written an update to this post here.

I’m currently trying to convert an existing code base from Makefiles to CMake. I’m doing this in order to showcase the advantages we can have by switching to CMake. Its an unofficial conversion, so I am not changing anything in the official repo. I plan on just having a bunch of CMakeLists.txt that I will then use a custom script to copy over the original source tree.


Software that “more than works”

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Software that “more than works”

Now that is an interesting notion.

Having working software is not enough. We need to have well crafted software.

This is one of the many interesting points Uncle Bob focused on his interview in the software engineering radio podcast.

You should really listen to it (and subscribe to the podcast).


Uncle Bob considers ‘Interface’ harmfull

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Uncle Bob considers ‘Interface’ harmfull

Uncle Bob wrote a very interesting article about how he considers the interface keyword to cause more harm than good.


Happy 11111011111

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A few hours before 2015 it dawned on me, and I couldn’t help it but share it with those around me: 2015 in binary is 1111101111 which is a palindromic number.

It seems this is not as interesting for a non geek crowd as I’d expect, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Happy 11111011111 everyone!

The importance of a native UI

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It is no secret that I am a fan of the Qt project. I like how it promisses, and can deliver the capability to develop a cross platform UI.

That being said, if there is one thing that can set one application apart from the others, is attention to detail. I include in that looking and behaving as any other native (native only, that is) application. (more…)

Bedside reading

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I got this book for Christmas.
It was on my wish list after a colleague of mine recommended it based on how awed I was with Uncle Bob’s Clean Code and Clean Coder.

Wish me luck, I’m diving in!


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Vagrant logo

After hearing about it a software engineering radio episode, and in several other podcasts/articles (FLOSS weekly maybe?), I decided to try using vagrant.

Vagrant describes itself as a way to “Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments”.



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Gumbo is, other than the soup and an album from Dr. John , also a HTML5 parsing C (C99) library.

Its self contained (has no external dependencies), is resilient to badly formed html, has a simple API and is reasonably fast.


GDB TUI mode

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It’s funny how sometimes you use a tool for years, but still find out new functionality once in a while.


A decent windows console

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I have just stumbled upon ConEmu, and have to admit I’m impressed.

As a developer, I have to use command lines a bunch, so they should not feel like a burden to use.

The windows command prompt looks behaves terribly bad.  Honestly, is re-sizing it freely too much to ask ?

ConEmu can incorporate other windows as its tabs, so you can have putty, cmd.exe and others as tabs in the same main window. I tend to also have vim in there.

ConEmu allows me to freely resize and even maximize the windows command prompt (take that Console2!).

Here’s how it looks:

conemu1 conemu2

Take it for a spin, it might just be a life-changer for you 😉