my comments about redundant comments

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my comments about redundant comments

It is generally a good idea to think about why you are doing things the way you currently doing them. Sometimes you are faced with a new situation, and don’t quite know what the correct or best way to handle it is. Hopefully you don’t just do whatever happens to first pop into your mind. […]

Happy 11111011111

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A few hours before 2015 it dawned on me, and I couldn’t help it but share it with those around me: 2015 in binary is 1111101111 which is a palindromic number. It seems this is not as interesting for a non geek crowd as I’d expect, but I found it interesting nonetheless. Happy 11111011111 everyone!

NoSuchMethodError and java method signatures

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Well, I’m always learning. Some times I learn the easy way (by reading about the mistake I’m about to make), but more often I actually make the mistake and end up banging my head on the desk. This painful learning experience makes sure I don’t do the same mistake again. While working in a Java […]

My thoughts on “The Misplaced Obsession with Simplicity”

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Let me start by saying I agree with the article posted at Dr. Dobb’s by Mr. Andrew Binstock. Having said this, I am writting this post because I am afraid the article has a big potential to be misquoted. Please read the original article before you read my counter-arguments. Now, let me quote the article’s […]

Please, please, follow the SRP principle

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As those who work with me certainly know by now, I am a strong proponent for the SRP and try to practice it and convince others to do the same whenever I can. SRP stands for Single Responsibility Principle, and states that a class should have one responsibility and one, and only one, reason to change. […]