Unicode in C++

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Unicode in C++

While looking for good resources to learn a little bit more about Unicode, and how to support it in my C++ applications, I stumbled upon this great video from the C++Now 2014 conference.

Uncle Bob considers ‘Interface’ harmfull

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Uncle Bob considers ‘Interface’ harmfull

Uncle Bob wrote a very interesting article about how he considers the interface keyword to cause more harm than good.

Should I write tests for legacy code if there’s no time for refactoring?

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I found this collection of opinions about what to do when faced with legacy code in a tight schedule very interesting. Should we write tests for the code even though we know we will not be able to refactor it in the short/medium term. Is it a waste of time or are we contributing to […]

WebRTC getUserMedia

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Just finished listening to another video I saved in my pocket list. It was a talk on google IO 2012, about WebRTC and specifically, the new getUserMedia API. This has made the right side of my brain tingle. I think I see a project idea coming up, and it seems fun! I hope I’ll have […]

Throwing from a destructor

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I just read a very interesting article about throwing exceptions from destructors, by Jon Kalb and Dave Abrahams. The article itself is nicely written and goes through some of the exception-safe advantages (for me RAII is by far the best reason to write solid exception-safe code) and explains why throwing an exception from a destructor might get […]

Placement new operator in C++

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It is no secret that I am a big fan of C++. I love learning new ways to make my code more elegant and performant. I work in embedded systems, and have done so in C++ for a few years, although now I am working on a beefier (but still embedded) system running java. But […]