Hey CLion, quick: Catch!

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Hey CLion, quick: Catch!


I am glad I finally made up my mind and bought a personal license for CLion.

And just one day after CLion 1.1 came out.

A few episodes of CppCast had left me with some interesting sounding projects I had meant to take a look at.

One of them was Catch, with its promise of low setup cost, compared to other testing frameworks.

I quickly got it running in CLion. It really is easy to set up, being a single header file.


This is what the CLion window looks like in distraction free mode (I really like that mode) and after running it:

Clion running a small Catch test project

Clion running a small Catch test project


Looks good, but since I’m really nit picky, heres a list of a few issues I would like to see fixed:

1 – Creating a second test cases confuses CLion’s code parser to the point where it thinks we are defining a duplicate function.

I get this warning message (only in the IDE, not when actually compiling, of course):

clion warning about duplicate functions


2 – Side effects of thinking the test case is a duplicate function

Any method, variable, etc used in that test is marked as unused. Note how someOtherMethod is greyed out.

Sidebar is filled with these errors/warnings, which here are pretty harmless, but in more complex scenarios have all the drawbacks of false positives.

3 – Built in console does not support ANSI color codes.

This one is really a small issue, but it annoys me anyway.

I remember QtCreator used to have this exact same issue, but it got fixed a while back.


C++ is a complex language to parse, and CLion gets a lot of it right, most of the time.

I’m hoping to see this great IDE improve quickly in the next releases.


  1. Phil Nash
    September 3, 2015

    Nice write up. Thanks for trying Catch.

    The problem you’re seeing with the TEST_CASE macro has an open issue in the Catch tracker here: https://github.com/philsquared/Catch/issues/484 – which has links to a couple of relevant CLion issue reports. The first one has a few people weighing in to add voice to how problematic it is – so the more people report in there the more likely it will be dealt with sooner rather than later!



  2. Björn Fahller
    September 3, 2015

    #1 will almost certainly be fixed when https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/CPP-2801 is fixed. This’ll help with pretty much all C++ unit test frameworks and similar tools, not just Catch (I have a vested interest too with https://github.com/rollbear/trompeloeil mocking framework.)

    I presume that once #1 is done, #2 would go as well.

    This leaves #3.


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