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Hey CLion, quick: Catch!

cover image by Eric Kilby , licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I am glad I finally made up my mind and bought a personal license for CLion.

And just one day after CLion 1.1 came out.

A few episodes of CppCast had left me with some interesting sounding projects I had meant to take a look at.

One of them was Catch, with its promise of low setup cost, compared to other testing frameworks.

I quickly got it running in CLion. It really is easy to set up, being a single header file.


This is what the CLion window looks like in distraction free mode (I really like that mode) and after running it:

Clion running a small Catch test project
Clion running a small Catch test project


Looks good, but since I'm really nit picky, heres a list of a few issues I would like to see fixed:

1 - Creating a second test cases confuses CLion's code parser to the point where it thinks we are defining a duplicate function.

I get this warning message (only in the IDE, not when actually compiling, of course):

clion warning about duplicate functions


2 - Side effects of thinking the test case is a duplicate function

Any method, variable, etc used in that test is marked as unused. Note how someOtherMethod is greyed out.

Sidebar is filled with these errors/warnings, which here are pretty harmless, but in more complex scenarios have all the drawbacks of false positives.

3 - Built in console does not support ANSI color codes.

This one is really a small issue, but it annoys me anyway.

I remember QtCreator used to have this exact same issue, but it got fixed a while back.


C++ is a complex language to parse, and CLion gets a lot of it right, most of the time.

I'm hoping to see this great IDE improve quickly in the next releases.


Rui Pires

Working as a professional full time remote developer from the Azores since 2011.

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