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Back in 2012 I tweeted this:

I could have tried doing it myself, but couldn’t find the time for it. This is a recurring problem of mine. I have new ideas faster than I can execute them.

Now, I stumbled upon Hyperpolyglot (thank you lifehacker), that does more or less what I had thought of at the time.

It is a dictionary that shows you the similarities and differences of each language inside a “family”.

Lets hope they add the ability to mix and match what languages are shown side by side.
It would be harder to implement, but might prove a lot more useful, when trying to go to a language where you can do things the same way, but that is not the best way of doing them there.
I am thinking about something like showing Python and C++ side by side. If I use Python with a C++ mindset, things can certainly work, but they will not be optimal. It would be great if this could leverage my C++ knowledge, but show me how and where to be more Pythonic. The same ideia obviously applies to other language combinations.

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