Unicode in C++

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Unicode in C++

While looking for good resources to learn a little bit more about Unicode, and how to support it in my C++ applications, I stumbled upon this great video from the C++Now 2014 conference.

It is great to have a topic explained in such a nice way. Listening to the talk made me feel like I was back in school. And I say this in a good way. Having someone who really knows about the topic explain it to you is considerably more time efficient than going the usual self taught route of tracking down good info, reading it, piecing it all together to eventually grok it.

The talk explains the motivations behind unicode, how it was created, how it evolved into what it is today, how it relates with other character encodings and what the diferences between different unicode encodings are, etc.

By the end of the talk I was an UTF-8 fan.

The talk is useful even if you don’t ever plan to touch a single line of C++ code. Most of it is about unicode in general, and the last section talks about current unicode support in C++ libraries.

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