GDB TUI mode

It's funny how sometimes you use a tool for years, but still find out new functionality once in a while.

I am no gdb expert. In fact, I prefer to produce my code as clean as possible, and avoid gdb altogther.

But sometimes ... there is no escaping those though debugging sessions.

I work in embedded software, so debugging tends to be done with plain old gdb+gdbserver.

I would like to use QtCreator's remote debugging features, but they require gdb/gdbserver to be compiled with python support.

And guess what? I don't have that at the moment.

But I found an answer on stackoverflow that mentioned gdb's TUI mode.

TUI stands for Text User Interface, and is a sort of ncurses UI built right into vanilla gdb.

You access it by pressing C-x A. And voila : you can now debug while seeing the code you are stepping through.

(image from wikimedia commons)


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