NuGet for c++

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I’ll be keeping an eye on NuGet. It sounds like it can be usefull. According to wikipedia, “NuGet is a free and open source package manager for the .NET Framework.(…)NuGet can be used from the command line and automated via scripts. NuGet supports native packages written in C++.” It is under the Apache License 2.0.

Enabling C++11 in Qt Creator

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I’m trying Qt Creator out, and had some dificulty figuring out how to enable C++11 support. After all, the best way to lear how to use the new features is to, well, to use them (and hopefully learn from the mistakes I will make). After some research, and a couple of forum posts and stackoverflow […]

Going Native 2013

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For anyone who stumbles upon this, I’m currently enjoying the streaming presentations from this year’s edition of GoingNative. You can find it here for now. You can still see the past presentations. I hope they keep them all available online (I guess they will be here)