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If you are into C++ programming (the modern kind), and dont know isocpp.org, you definitively should.

isocpp stands for "Standard C++ Foundation" and is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a bunch of companies/organizations you might recognize:

ARM, BD Software, Bloomberg, Dinkum Ware, DRW Trading group, Google, HP, HSA Foundation, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, OpenMP, Pearson, Plum Hall, Symbio, Vollmann Engineering.

Not to mention the directors and officers of the organization, that include some names I highly respect and look up to.

The goal is

 to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern Standard C++ on all compilers and platforms.

Sounds great to me!

Rui Pires

Working as a professional full time remote developer from the Azores since 2011.

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